Too Clothed for Comfort

The mosaic of Brooklyn’s real estate means some of us have attics and basements for storage while others are constantly stuck in a race for space as families accumulate possessions and memories. Here are our tips to prevent a closet craze.


Check out places such as The Container Store, The Home Depot (who have 15% closet storage!) and Target (who have up to 20% off storage solutions!).


160114 - S clipsHung up on details

Install a second rod above your main one and double your hanging space. Use a stool or reaching rod for access. Cascading ‘S’ clips are like pulling the rabbit out of the hat to tier your clothes in one streamline column. Another magic trick is to use soda can tabs to pair hangers together, taking up only one hanger’s worth of space.


The fold and the beautiful

Knits should be folded to prevent hanger bumps. Have deep shelves, but not quite deep enough for two rows of sweaters? Insert organizing boxes that fill that space and stuff them with underwear, jewellery, accessories and socks.


160114 - shower curtainAn a-doorable solution

Get a hang-over-the-door shoe organizer, preferably one that allows you to put both shoes in a pair, inside the same pocket. On the other side of the door, hang 2 rows of towel racks purchased from your local hardware store and use them to hang ties, scarves and belts. If you’re hooked on our hacks for the closet, you’ll love this idea of using shower curtain rings on hangers to maximize space for lightweight accessors.

Maximizing a Small Space

It’s almost back to school time, which has got us thinking about how we once had to fit all of the life essentials into a teensy tiny dorm room and strategically keep some spaces of carpet clear as a path to the door.

While we’ve graduated well beyond the tiny dorm room, we still face space challenges living in New York. We all know spacious homes are hard to find (and if you don’t know, take a quick look at Worstroom). If you’re working with a small spot, here are some space-saving solutions!

150821 - small1

Fold-Down Table

Some days you probably want to dance around in the living room, and some days you might want to sit down quietly and write a novel. With a fold-down table from Bored Panda you can have the best of both worlds!

Couch Arm Wrap150821 - small2 

If you can barely fit a couch in your living space then a coffee table is out of the question. Stop putting that glass of vino on the floor next to your beige rug and pick up a few wooden wraps to go over your couch’s arms and act as little tables.

150821 - small3

Versatile Book Shelf  
Make the most of a big wallspace by using it as a book shelf, storage and even a desk. The trick is to select furniture that is the right combination of functional, space-saving and stylish, but it is possible! Ebay has some great options.

150821 - small4

Vertical Storage  

Think higher, not harder! Many older apartments in New York have beautiful, high ceilings and if you’re lucky enough to have them, don’t be afraid to build up. Invest in tall furniture and store things you rarely use on the highest shelves – like this one.

150821 - small5


An inexpensive lifehack to store small objects? Put magnets on everything, we say! In the kitchen you can create a magnetic spice rack, in the bathroom you can attach nail clippers, hair clips, grooming tools and more to the inside of your medicine cabinet to save shelf space.