Escaping New York noise – soundproofing your apartment


Whether you’re relatively new to New York City or you’ve been living here for most of your life, it’s never easy to adjust to the daily (and nightly) grind. No matter how many floors you walk up, street noise, snow shoveling, garbage collection, your neighbors, traffic horns and other noises always seem to make their way into your apartment – particularly when it comes time to sleep.

Of course, “soundproofing” per se generally refers to completely eliminating sound. And for those of you living in NYC, you’ll agree that eradicating sound 100% isn’t exactly possible. That’s why we’ve pulled together 3 handy hints for minimizing the noise getting in to your apartment and dealing with the city sounds around you.

#1 Sealing is believing


Yes, that gap between the bottom of your door and the floor really might not seem like much, but it allows for the entry of a great amount of noise. Try using a door seal or draft guard to fill the gap! Not only will this help block extra unwanted noise, it’s a simple and cost effective way to add a little extra insulation to your apartment, helping to trap warm air in in the winter. You can pick up a draft seal from Bed, Bath & Beyond for under $10! 

Image: Bed, Bath & Beyond
Image: Bed, Bath & Beyond


#2 A win-win(dow) situation

Do you own your apartment? While upgrading your windows is a step up from purchasing a door seal in terms of the price tag, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment. Did you know with the appropriate glass thickness and the right insulation, some windows can block up to 95% of external noise?

If you’re not sure upgrading your windows is worth your investment, you can check in with an acoustic consultant, or soundproofing specialist, to get their advice. You might like to check out Brooklyn Insulation and Soundproofing or City Soundproofing in Manhattan.

Image: Brooklyn Insulation
Image: Brooklyn Insulation

#3 The quick fix: White noise

How does adding more noise to the equation work? Generally speaking, it isn’t the noise itself that keeps you awake or wakes you up during the night, but rather sudden changes in the consistency of noise that jar you awake. White noise creates a masking effect, evening out sudden changes and helping you sleep more comfortably. You can find an interesting read on White Noise by Marpac here

While there are plenty of apps on the market for white noise, a simple table fan will suffice. The hum of a window-unit air conditioner also works great – and will keep you at a comfortable temperature at the same time! 

Image: Marpac
Image: Marpac

Thanksgiving Leftovers: The Tur-keys to Success

One night’s feast can easily turn into the next day’s beast when leftovers become unmanageable. Assuming your delectable dinner is too good to ditch, even after the guests leave, here are our tips on what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.

If you’re still debating where to get your turkey, check out some popular neighborhood spots: in Fleishers, Park Slope Food Coop and Union Market.


151124 - soupSay it isn’t soup
This may seem like a no-brainer. Simply throw in the whole leftover turkey carcass into the pot to make broth for the next-day soup. Additions to the soup include holiday staples like sweet potato, green beans and thyme.


151124 - pitaLeaf the guilt behind
Indulge too much on Thanksgiving? Use leftover white meat turkey and small amounts of bacon and blue cheese for this healthy turkey-cobb pita sandwich. For the dressing, say nay-o to the mayo by replacing it 2 tablespoons of olive oil. You’ll be saving 74 calories and 8 grams per sandwich!


151124 - banh miMore for (Banh) Mi too!

Transform your Thanksgiving tid bits from dated to delicious. The American festive twist on this Vietnamese baguette involves leftover turkey, mayonnaise, Asian chilli sauce, cucumber, carrot and fresh cilantro. For those with a haste for heat, ramp it up with fresh jalapenos.