Famous Brooklyn Eateries

New York City is arguably the greatest city in the world for delicious food. And the borough of Brooklyn is certainly no exception to this accepted truth. First settled by the Dutch in 1646, Brooklyn would take shape in the late 19th century with an influx of migration from all over the world, most notably Eastern Europeans. Since then, Brooklyn has beautifully developed into the melting pot of today that has spurred the authentic, American-infused cuisine that we all enjoy. We’ve outlined Brooklyn’s famous eateries: those that are both known for their tasty food and rich history. Which ones have your mouth watering? 

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 Nathan’s Famous, 1310 Surf Avenue

Nathan’s, located in the heart of Coney Island, is truly a classic New York staple. Polish immigrants introduced the now-famous weiners to New York in 1916. The original owners kept control of the brand until 1996, at which the restaurant was expanded to become an international fast-food chain. Nevertheless, you will find the most authentic version of Nathan’s hot dog in Coney Island, where you can slather it in chili and cheese while devouring those irresistible crinkle-cut french fries. 

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Brennan & Carr, 3432 Nostrand Avenue

Dubbed the “king of dipped sandwiches,” Brennan & Carr has served the people of Brooklyn for over 75 years. These famous dipped sandwiches consist of succulent roast beef on a kaiser roll soaked in a flavorful jus. The Russo Brothers of the classic Italian Restaurant Gargiulo’s are credited with the discovery of this incredible combination. Inevitably, the sandwich is a mess, but isn’t that the fun in it? 

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Junior’s, 386 Flatbush Avenue

Since Junior’s cheesecake has garnered worldwide fame, many seem to forget the roots of Junior’s, which has been situated on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn for more than 60 years! The current owner’s grandfather helped develop the cheesecake recipe that would win over so many new customers. Of course, now Junior’s offers an adequate selection of classic diner food, from the pastrami sandwiches to the New York-style cheesecake.  Though Junior’s interior was recently restored, you can still get that vintage, old-fashioned feel when you slide into one of those partitioned booths. 

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 Randazzo’s Clam Bar, 2017 Emmons Avenue

Hungry for some seafood? Randazzo’s has you covered. But when you dine at Randazzo’s, you’ll be receiving the food from Helen Randazzo’s Italian-American recipes, which have been passed down multiple generations. Still a family-owned business, Randazzo’s is best known for their tomato sauce. The not-so-secret method: stewing tomatoes for hours before making the sauce. Nearly 90 years have gone by since the grand opening of Randazzo’s Clam Bar and the Randazzo family continues to provide high-quality food to the Sheepshead Bay area. 

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L&B Spumoni Gardens, 2725 86th Street

Most of us New Yorkers are all too familiar with L&B Spumoni Gardens: a complex that contains both a pizzeria and an ice cream parlor. Established in 1939 by an Italian immigrant, L&B remains family-owned. At the heart of this restaurant is the large slabs of Sicilian pizza that are truly a hodgepodge of red sauce and mozzarella cheese smothered onto the perfectly chewy dough. And this pizza isn’t the only thing that keeps a steady flow – or should we say large crowds – of customers daily. The “Spumoni” ice cream, thus the name “Spumoni Gardens,” is a must-have. It consists of vanilla and chocolate ice cream with nut-filled pistachio. Trust us, it tastes better than it sounds. 

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 Peter Luger Steak House, 178 Broadway

New York City is undoubtedly known for its steakhouses, and again, Brooklyn is no exception. Peter Luger Steak House has an especially rich history, as it began in 1887 as Carl Luger’s and was re-established in 1950 by Sol Forman after the passing of Peter Luger, the last owner who put his name on the sign before his death. But this steakhouse doesn’t resemble those gaudy steakhouses that you’ll find in Midtown Manhattan; it most closely resembles that of a German Beer Hall. Monstrous and juicy steaks are only commonplace at this restaurant and the creamed spinach and onion rings are tasty additions to your meal. Keeping with tradition, they don’t accept credit cards! So if you are heading to Peter Luger Steak House, go armed with cash or a debit card.

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Di Fara Pizza, 1424 Avenue J

About 50 years ago, Domenico DeMarco opened Di Fara Pizza on Avenue J. Now, the pizzeria is run by DeMarco and five of his children. This pizzeria features classic, thin-crust pizza. But it’s best known for what goes onto the pizza after it leaves the oven. It’s then finished off with a blend of herbs, intense tomato sauce, and grated hard cheese. The pizza is essentially transformed into a thin-crusted pie that bursts with both color and flavor. This popular spot has left people waiting hours to receive a slice of pizza and trust us… it’ll be worthwhile. 


Though we’ve outlined some of the most famous Brooklyn eateries, this certainly isn’t the end of the list. Some honorable mentions include Bamonte’s, Tom’s Restaurant, and Defonte’s Sandwich Shop. When you head to any of these restaurants, you can now appreciate both the food and the history of these famous Brooklyn eateries. Don’t forget to comment below and let Madison Estates know which delicious eatery you like best!


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