Romantic Restaurants for Date Night

Check out the best of Brooklyn when it comes to a delicious date night.


160210 - barbocinoThe pizza in pizzazz

Did you know Barboncino is named after owner Ron Brown’s toy poodle? Dough the right thing at Crown Heights’ first Neapolitan pizzeria by trying their eclectic offering which includes pies topped with cherrystone clams, artichoke, and pancetta, or eggplant and zucchini. Your appetite for appetizers won’t go to waste either with their burrata-stuffed roast peppers and bibb salad satisfying even the most cagey of critics.

Comparing tomatoes with tomatoes, Barboncino holds its own against local competitors Roberta’s and Franny’s.

The brainchild of indie filmmaker Brown and Paulie Gee’s vet Jon Greenberg is just blocks away from the Franklin Avenue subway stop. While Barboncino’s brick-and-wood interior, Edison lighting, and relaxed modern design resemble a true Aermcian job, the pizza is nothing short of Italian.

As one Yelp review put it, “We had the arugula pizza w/prosciutto & four cheese pizza w/pepperoni. Can we please have a moment of silence for the four cheese pizza w/pepperoni please?” The same review also shares that the restaurant uses the app Nowait so you can track where you sit in line for a table on busy nights.


160210 - brookvinA win-wine situation

With a dimly lit narrow interior and a lush patio, Brookvin’s intimate space and fine wine whispers romance in shades of red, white and sparkling. Yelp reviews herald it as a date night go-to and compulsory cravings to satisfy include wine on tap, mac & cheese and $5 happy hour specials.

A who’s who of red and whites headline Brookvin’s offering and shining stars the likes of a 2007 Shooting Star Aligoté, full of almond, grass and white peach notes; and the enjoyably leatheey 2005 Château de Caladroy “Les Schistes”; have received rave reviews from critics and locals alike.


160210 - astereAustere’ity Measures

Heavy on European flavors yet light on the wallet, diners have fallen for Saint Austere in Williamsburg since 2011 and the love affair is set to continue. Friendly fare is the spirit of the restaurant as the Pirolo siblings and Chef Robert Escalante set out to offer diners a vacation of flavors focused on European staples, fresh ingredients, clean sharp tastes and rustic accents to be shared with the community.

From the Big Fat Greek Wedding to Everybody Loves Raymond, there’s also been an en masse appreciation for Europeans, their food and their families. Saint Austere’s Red Sauce Sundays brings it home with their famous rich tomato sauce mixed in with offerings of stewed meats and hearty pasta – a nod to the traditional Sundays at mom’s.

There could be a romantic riot when it comes to Saint Austere’s wine list as the featured family owned estates include wineries that embrace subtlety and restraint and also those who are brash and bold in their flavors. Which path will you take on this European road trip for taste buds?


160210 - wolfHowling good

Convenience meets character at Woolf and Deer. Its location by Barclays Center makes it an easy reach while the ambience and menu has the potential to satisfy couples if all stripes.

Penny punches to insatiable indulges will enjoy Wolf and Deer’s seasonal cocktails, beer on tap, an extensive wine list and Mediterranean inspired snacks.

A romantic night out during happy hour can turn into a date deal with special priced house cocktails, $12 cheese and meat board and $1 oysters!

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