Handy Halloween Hints for Fall Craft

Looking for cost-effective gall decoration ideas the whole family can enjoy making? Freak, and you shall find.

Here are our top 4 easy DIY decorating picks.

Show some local love and get your supplies from EconoCrafts and Michaels.

Ready, set, ghost!

151027 - ghostSave time and dimes with this tricky display that’s sure to be a treat. All you need is a liter soda bottle, starch, cheese cloth, an old towel, scrap piece of felt, Styrofoam ball (preferably white), scissor and wire.

After covering your work area with a towel (starch washes off easily!), place the foam ball on top of the clear bottle. Use a wire to create the ghost’s arms, lay the cheesecloth over your display and spray it down with starch.

You can even use a hair dryer to speed up the drying time. Once the starch is dry, pull it off and glue on some felt eyes. It’s dead easy!

Knock knock. A mummy’s there!

Before the doors are opened to unlimited candy, give the kids a scare.

As you date your front door by thousands of years, take your own step back in time by running your childhood fingers through good ole fashioned crepe paper streamers! You’ll also need 2 circles of white printer paper and two slightly smaller circles of black paper (or use black contact paper for a real throwback that’ll stick directly on!).

Then it’s time to wrap, wrap, wrap it up. Use double-sided tape to keep each strip in place and criss cross your strands in various directions for the best effect.

Eye spy

151027 - eyesJust toilet paper rolls and glow sticks go a long way.

Simply draw eyes onto the toilet paper roll, most effective with lashes or slits so they’re not just plane oval shapes. Cut the eyes out and leave a cracked glow stock inside.

For those of you lucky enough to have front and back yards with lush trees (like some of our huge homeowners in Madison and Gravesend!), hide these glowing eyes among the bushes and shrubs to terrorize the trick-or-treaters.

A handy tip redy to scare

Mixing Elmer’s glue with red food coloring will give you a bloody great time. It’ll cling to just about any smooth surface. The insides of windows are an obvious choice. Our tip? Cover your chosen area with clear plastic wrap first so that the post-party clean up is just peeling it off – no scrubbing!

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