BK on TV (part 2)

Gotham’s ghosts in Brooklyn Navy Yard

150903 - gothamHow was Gotham City saved from evil before Batman? Gotham tells this story right from Steiner Studios in Brooklyn Navy Yard. A new recruit in the Gotham City Police Department, James Gordon investigates the murder of the Waynes and in doing so meets their son, Bruce, who is now in the care of his butler Alfred Pennyworth. Along the way, Gordon becomes involved with Gotham’s Mafia families and associates including gangster Fish Mooney, Don Carmine Falcone, and Don Salvatore Maroni. Eventually, Gordon is forced to form an unlikely friendship with Bruce, one that will help shape the boy’s future in becoming the Batman.

Some may call Brooklyn Navy Yard and Vinegar Hill a sleepy and quaint neighborhood as it has been able to maintain its 19th century charm without jarring facelifts that have upset locals in adjacent neighborhoods. With its cobblestone streets and mix of Italianate townhouses, pre-Civil War row houses, and Federal Style and Greek Revival homes, Vinegar Hill is all that is left of an extensive Brownstone area that existed in these parts prior to the construction of the nearby Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. However a wake-up call is in the works with the injection of Wegmans – the family-owned Rochester grocery store with an undeniable cult following. Whether it can maintain its crown of an unpretentious neighborhood untouched by time remains to be seen.

A (Green)point to make about age

150903 - youngerYounger is a TV series filmed at Cine Magic studios in Greenpoint. The show stars Hilary Duff and Miriam Shore, and is about a single mom who suddenly finds herself back in the workforce where her age proves extremely difficult. However that changes when she befriends her new 20 year-old co-worker who believes she’s a lot younger.
Duff tells AM NY, “I lived in Park Slope, and we filmed in Williamsburg. It was really fun! The cast is amazing. It’s such a good time to be in New York. Living in Los Angeles, I really missed having seasons. Living and filming in Brooklyn was just awesome. I miss it!”

A 2005 rezoning has caused a surge of new waterfront residential developments in Greenpoint’s formerly industrial spaces. These apartments offer great value to renters in terms of space, quality, and amenities. Greenpoint’s up-and-coming mosaic includes a vibrant yet not ‘too’ trendy nightlife, lush parks (McCarren and McGorlick), and a small-town feel. Some describe it as a calmer and slightly less expensive Williamsburg. In its own right, Greenpoint’s patchwork identity boasts a large Polish population gives the neighborhood a reputation for having the best Polish food in New York City. Students, artists and families cal Greenpoint home and rave about the flavors and aromas of pierogis, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage, and potato pancakes found in authentic restaurants all over the neighborhood. A trip to eat at Lomzynianka is a must!

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