And the Emmy Goes to … Booklyn

It’s easy to think of Manhattan as the solo borough when it comes to Hollywood fame. Don’t let yellow cabs and skyscrapers fool you. As we head into Emmy Awards season, we take a look at the TV shows that wear the Brooklyn badge with pride.

150828 - Mozart

Mozart in Bushwick

Fittingly hipster and counter-culture, Amazon Prime’s Mozart in the Jungle has roared onto Bushwick Avenue, between Montrose Avenue and Meanwhile Street. Just don’t make any comparisons to HBO’s Bushwick baby, Girls.

Commended for its darker deeper explorations into the twentysomethings’ world with a great breadth of older characters too, The New Yorker has commented, “There’s a silly montage of various musicians and their sexual styles; hot maestros are besieged by crowds of autograph hounds. Yet the silliness can be infectious.”

The show follows Hailey (Lola Kirke) as she hones in on her soul goal: to play oboe with the New York Symphony. Her love interest, Alex, studies ballet at Julliard and is played by Peter Vack – a huge fan of Brooklyn. He tells Interview magazine, “I live in Bushwick, my parents live in Williamsburg, and my sister lives in Crown Heights.”

Bushwick may be a no-brainer choice in the minds of many as since the early 2000s, it has gained a reputation as a neighborhood of artists, galleries and studies. A thriving dining scene has also paved the way for everything from family run taco shops to new boutique cafes. Roberta’s pizza has become a destination restaurant, and other popular spots include Bunna Cafe for Ethiopian food, Tchoup Shop for Cajun and creole, Momo Sushi Shack, and Arepera Guacuco Restaurant.

150828 - elementary

Sherlock secrets in Brooklyn Heights

Elementary is a TV hit that stars Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller as a modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes with the detective now living in New York City. The cine-magicians have audiences believing the home of Holmes is in Brooklyn Heights, however the exteriors are shot in Harlem with the interiors filmed in a studio in Long Island City.

Creator Rob Doherty tells the New York Post, “If you’re going to transplant Sherlock Holmes to an American city it has to be New York,” Doherty says. “There’s a texture to the place that’s reminiscent of London and both have Victorian elements.”

In the 21st century Holmes (Miller) is a recovering drug addict and former consultant to Scotland Yard, as he assists the New York City Police Department in solving crimes. He is accompanied by Dr. Joan Watson (Liu), who initially acts as his sober companion. She is a former surgeon and was hired by Sherlock’s father to help him in his rehabilitation. They eventually begin to work together on his cases, and she becomes Holmes’ apprentice.

Brooklyn Heights is one of the borough’s oldest neighborhoods whose Hollywood glamor dates back to The Cosby Show and Moonstruck. A true ageless beauty, Brooklyn Heights’ blocks of rowhouses, brownstones, former carriage houses and mansions make it a photogenic hot spot. The architectural variety includes 19th century Federal style, Greek Revival and Gothic Revival, and Italianate brownstones. It’s no surprise Brooklyn Heights was the first neighborhood included in New York’s Landmark Preservation Law. The Brooklyn Heights promenade offers breathtaking views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge and the harbor.

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