iSpy the Irish in Bay Ridge

Before the Declaration of Independence and more than 250 years ago, New York City had its first St Patrick’s Day Parade. In the lead up to the March 17th tradition, we’re revealing out top picks in Brooklyn’s “Little Ireland”, Bay Ridge.

150311 - Irish Haven

A stroke of Guinness
If on your nights out you prefer to breakout the tunes and not break the bank, Irish Haven by be the place for you. It’s hard to beat their Taco Tuesdays and Wings Wednesday where the side bites come free with drinks. Reviews on Yelp show it’s down to Earth, very affordable (the pool is free!) and has a great mix of customers. As one reviewer put it, “This part of town hasn’t jumped on the gentrification bandwagon yet. This pub is a trip. It’s a great mix of townies, tourists, newbies, and hipsters.”

150311 - Celtic Rose

Kiss from a Celtic rose
An intriguing menu, pink shopfront and pink delivery bicycle out the automatically put Celtic Rose Tea Room in a league of its own. This place exudes an authentic Irish experience. You’ll no doubt be served by a member of the family and everything from the soft Irish accent to the delicious Jameson cheesecakes and Baileys cupcakes will remind you of where you are. They have private rooms for events and a personal touch is added to tea cups, tea pots, tea cozies, roses and table centrepieces to create something unforgettable. As for the pink décor? The owner tells us pink was a color of defiance when the English tried to create uniformity in Ireland and homeowners painted their front doors pink.

150311 - Wicked Monk

A wicked pitch in Brooklyn
Keeping things local and not succumbing to New York City’s big brand commercial takeover seems to be a theme in Brooklyn’s south. With live music from local bands plus a pool table and dart board, it’s easy to see why The Wicked Monk is a favorite watering hole. The constantly changing menu keeps things fresh and prices are always reasonable. Our go-to is their lobster mac & cheese. Their mosaic offering sees hodgepodge Irish décor mixed in with old church furniture. Surprisingly their Bingo night brings in customers of all sorts for a busy lively night (without a compromise to customer service!).

150311 - 3 jolly pigeons

A jolly step back in time
If you prefer Schindler’s List over a club’s guest list – Three Jolly Pigeons will make you feel right at home. The multi-talented venue has equal sentiments of pub, saloon and neigborhood institution,. They first opened shop in the 1900s! With stain glass partitions (historically used to separate the male and female guests!), rich wood and gothic molding, this place doesn’t exactly ‘screen’ high-tech but it does now have touch screen games, flat screen televisions and a digital jukebox littered throughout. While there’s no happy hour, their drinks on tap would be considered cheap by any measure. The musical offering both on karaoke Fridays and live bands tends to be a mainstream mix, but amongst the Police and Aerosmith tunes , at least you know what you’re getting.

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