Living Minusculey Ever After?

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re taking a look at the ways couples can save space and money when moving into their first studio or one bedroom apartment together. A couple working together during relocation may not feel like two people struck by Cupid, but one thing will probably remind you of Cupid – the size of your apartment. Here’s how to make it work.

Love at first light

Why by the kings and queens of one land when you can rule over the islands? Use lighting strategically in your apartment to give the illusion of separate spaces as opposed to one confined area. A single overhead ceiling light is convenient but it glaringly exposes how confined your apartment may be. Instead, use various lamps and wall lights in throughout your apartment to give each space its unique identity – literally spread the light. Tall wide shelves (especially those on wheels) also help zone your apartment for different uses. Whether you’re looking to Eat, Pray or Love – your apartment becomes a personal oasis. For the bedroom, use swing lamps to save space on side tables and use clip on lights on other desks or shelves.

Lose the battle, win the wall
Keep your wall colors light to give your space more air and breadth. This is your blank canvas. From here, scattering mirrors of all shapes and sizes gives the impression of continuation and elongation. Even a plain hallway can be transformed into a meaningful destination with photos and interesting frames, making it more than just a thoroughfare.

Lift and let live
Love is in the air – and your kitchen appliances can be too! Look out for vertical toasters and coffee machines that can be attached to the bottom of your overhead kitchen cabinets giving you more counter space. Use magnetic containers to migrate your spices from your in-demand counter tops and onto the fridge.

Double duty
Allow your furnishings to be New Yorkers too and have them multitask. A glass work or study desk can easily convert into a dining table while a bed with drawers as its base paves the way for more storage. Alternatively, a loft bed opens up space for more work or play. Ottomans are an easy storage solution; wall corners can easily be turned into shelves with simple triangular pieces of wood; accessory holders can be screwed onto the inside of kitchen cabinet doors and walls can hang pots, pans and utensils.

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