Selling on your Own

Like pacing up and down the platform of the C train for another 20 minutes versus giving up and hailing a cab in peak hour traffic, there are pros and cons to every decision. Selling your own home can be a slippery slope you don’t want to climb, so before you open up a can of worms and make the big decision – here’s our decision-making cheat sheet.

Time and dime again
When are you looking to move? Are you planning to stay in the New York area? Do you need to sell before you buy? Weeding out all your priorities and obligations early will ensure your journey ahead is more like a well mowed lawn rather than an untamed forest. Understanding the window of time you have to sell will maximize your potential show off your home’s best qualities.


Home (Selling) Alone – not always a comedy
If you want to do it without real estate agents or brokers, in typical New York style, there are a bunch of FSBO (For Sale By Owner) services that are popping up faster than Starbucks in Williamsburg. If you’re not the GPS type and prefer the no frills hardcopy maps, these services will give you the essential tips you need to promote your property, determine a real estate lawyer is required and guide you towards the necessary paperwork. Don’t believe Hollywood – it’s not as easy as hammering a sign onto your lawn (of New York City fire escape) and expecting the buyers to appear. You have to do the work and invest the time in a self-made crash course to become your own real estate expert.

There are ways to get the word out about your property when going alone, but why whisper when you can roar?

Profession-now support
If “overtime”, “conference call” or “school pick-up” are words that appear daily in yourschedule – selling your home on your own might not work. You have job! Being hands-on with your Christmas family feast may be a good thing, but when it comes to potential buyers inspecting your home – they might not want anything to do with you! It sounds harsh, but buyers want to be able to envision themselves owning this new space and feel comfortable having a candid conversation about price, responsibilities and deadlines. Speaking directly to owners can be unnerving. Switch the emotion for profession. It’s real estate agents’ full-time job!

People power
What’s on the top of real estate agents’ list to Santa? More lists! Some would say an agent is only as valuable as his or her list is updated – and it’s hard to argue. Agents have a huge list of reliable contacts to reach out to ranging first-home buyers, investors and corporate relocations. Let a qualified real estate agent power up your sale through and conserve your own energy for a burden-less and rewarding transition.


Know can-do!
On top if the real estate jargon and the housing market, real estate agents inter-borough experts and know how to effectively advertise your home to potential buyers who are looking to move into your almost-old neighborhood. An agent will help you hit that sweet spot that won’t be jarring to see online amongst a collage of other listings and won’t immediately turn buyers off. Instead, they’re trained to peak their interest with the right numbers and words.

Buyers use brokers too
As much as you don’t want to deal with flakey or inconsistent enquiries from independent buyers, time-poor buyers also want to get cut to the chase with a broker whose full-time job it is to respond to their every need. A serious buyer is going to use a reputable broker because they have sound advice, trust, and legal responsibility. Brokers remove the security risk of a novice, but determined, buyer and you can win them over too – if you’re working with the right team.

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