Six Scary Spots in Brooklyn

The McCarrren Pool

150313 - pool

Our first spooky spot in Brooklyn is a place to dive for. While the waters are still murky on whether or not McCarren Pool’s $50 million facelift has changed its freaky fortunes, the American Ghost Society has previously received personal accounts of hearing cries from children at night, and some mysteriousphotos with “orbs, cold spots with drastic temperature drops”. Could they be the lingering spirits of the Williamsburg pool’s three unexplained deaths?

Melrose Hall

150313 - melrose
Hungry for more? It’s said this Prospect Lefferts Gardens property’s infamous one-time owner starved his mistress, Alva, to death in her secret chambers and captured American soldiers during the Revolution. As the building no longer exists in its entirety, you’ll have to use your imagination to visualize the mansion’s hidden passages and dungeons to help you understand why the Daily Eagle once called it ”the quaintest and queerest old place one could imagine.”

Brooklyn Public Library

150313 - library
Once upon a time there was a girl who loved to get lost in the world of books. In 1977, just before Halloween , Agatha was on a school trip to the library and went missing – never to be found. The young girl who some believe still haunts the library, particularly the basement, has inspired several stories and even a short film. For those who crave the creepy, this branch stays open until 9pm… Why not experience it yourself?

The Gravesend House from Paranormal Witness

150313 - gravesend
One’s bride and joy isn’t always something to brag about, especially if she’s been found dead in the attic. As the ever credible SyFy network has reported in “Paranormal Witness,” a number of ghosts have unsettled in to a home in Gravesend, most notably, “a bride who mysteriously died in the home’s attic and still wore her wedding dress,” one former owner has suspected. SyFy’s “experts” have confirmed this though the residence’s latest owners have told the Daily News, ““We renovated [the house] and that must have took [the ghosts] out.” Now you know the ghost-busting secret – a little reno.

The Brooklyn Bridge

150313 - bridge
Getting over a bridge is easy, getting over thefact numerous people that have been a victim during the construction and maintenance of the Brooklyn Bridge is a little harder. The original designer didn’t live to see the project through and since then there have been numerous casualties throughout the bridge’s infamous years-long rejuvenation. The laundry lists of scary suspicions is longer than Morticia’s hair and includes the discovery of a Cold War bunker, reports of shadowy figures and screaming, sightings of a headless man as a result of an 1883 decapitation when the bridge snapped and the belief that some have been buried alive with the bridge.

The Batcave

150313 - batcave
The former MTA powerhouse lights up on the weekends for popular Gowanus Grove warehouse parties but its darker side is inescapable 24/7. The Batcave is domineering, warning at its entrance, “Open your eye girl.” From being a hideaway for homeless youth, heroin use and overdose grew rampant, and a wave of brutality overwhelmed the Batcave. Drug-induced violence culminated in a series of nightmarish events, one homeless man was thrown from a window, another overdosed and was left on the street for cops to find. Catch a glimpse while you can as the new owner who bought the property for $7 million transforms it into a creative and educational hub for the community.

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